Jason sterr


The immortal war:

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  • The life of an addict is not a particularly exciting one.  Wake up, get high, avoid dealers you owe money too, and repeat.  Kyle McNally and his roommate, Ryan Harper, lead such a life.  That is, however, until they are pulled headlong into the world of mafia dons, geriatric hitmen, and vengeful ex-girlfriends by two crooked cops who force them to kidnap an aging mob informant.  Things go sideways when the old man that they were sent to abduct turns out to be more than a simple lowlife stoolie.  He's Vic Farina, the most feared and ruthless assassin in the Marconi crime family.  With the Chicago PD, the mob, and Kyle's girlfriend hunting them, their luck is about to go from bad to worse.  Seven of the most vicious killers in the city are about to converge on their south-side apartment, where Kyle, Vic, and Ryan will have to work together if they have any chance of surviving the night. 

The grand mcnally:

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