• Set in contrast to the everyday glitz and glamour of the world of capes and costumes, Marcus Greenberg does the dirty work of our world's superheroes.  With the help of his assistant Russell, a reformed shape-shifting super villain, Greenberg is the go-to-guy for making super-sins disappear.  The story unfolds after an unknown "villain" with an intimate knowledge of Greenberg's clients, the superhero team known as The Guardians, begins undoing all of Marcus's work and reveals their crimes to the world.  As the hero community reels, and Marcus faces discovery, he scrambles to find the ones responsible before he finds himself sentenced to the electric chair.  Published by Action Lab Entertainment, The Consultantis available now!

My Way:

the consultant:


  • Born Horatio Hellpop, the man who would become Nexus wished nothing more than to lead a life of creativity and learning.  His destiny, however, was to be a destroyer.  Chosen from birth by the alien entity known only as the Merk to be a killer of killers, Nexus continues to deny his fate at the risk of his own life.  Should he refuse to execute his assigned target, the Merk will take his life instead.  After years of trying to find a way out of his living prison, Horatio has become numb to the death & destruction that follows him with every assignment.  


Collateral Damage

Jason sterr

THE consultant: Quid Pro Quo

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The Series

  • Filmed at the Youtube studios in Manhattan, D2D showcases emerging artists as they strive to break into the competitive comics industry.
  • Follow up to the Ringo Award Nominated series!   Six months after the fall of the Guardians, we find our surviving "heroes" struggling to find purpose. Russell Small and Tiburon have restarted The Guardians, recruiting a new team of heroes while Marcus Greenberg finds himself rotting in Rikers.  When both are approached by Andrea Bennet, head of the Office of Metahuman Response, Marcus and Russell are pitted against each other in a super-powered arms race that results in Tiburon and Athena escalating World War III.  Published by Action Lab Entertainment, The Consultant: Quid Pro Quo is coming 2019.


  • American Icon.   Chairman of the Board.   International Assassin.     Frank Sinatra was the original cross over sensation; loved by millions, and feared by America’s enemies.   At the height of the Cold War, Old Blue Eyes and rest of the Rat Pack are tapped by their CIA handlers to help eliminate the growing communist threat.   Everything changes when a dashing young Senator from Massachusetts discovers Frank’s extracurricular activities, and threatens to destroy everything Sinatra holds dear - but in an election year, everything is negotiable. My Way tells the secret story of Frank Sinatra, John F. Kennedy, and the death of Marilyn Monroe.